Puzzle Books with A Heart

What makes our word search puzzles different from other puzzle books? It’s the way the books are created from concept to final paperback.

First, we start with an inspirational passage. A puzzle is then created highlighting that positive message making a fun, brain stimulating game. At the end of each puzzle there is one last challenge to find the secret affirmation to further reinforce the positive message.

The Yoga For the Brain philosophy is that word search games and other puzzle games can be useful to incorporate into your relaxation, brain challenging and mindfulness habits. Puzzles stretch and exercise your mind just like yoga poses stretch and exercise your body. And by incorporating the puzzle texts, you are using both the language processing and pattern recognition parts of your brain, thereby giving your mind a more complete workout. If we view playing like this as a balance between mind, body, and spirit, then we can see that the word searches invigorate our minds while the puzzle quotes invigorate our spirits.