Abundance from a Different Perspective

Many of us are familiar with the concept of manifesting abundance as the idea of opening up to the infinite good in the universe and inviting it to show up in our lives now. Many of us believe and understand that as part of our natural state of being we actually are already part of the infinite good and abundance in the universe. So, what if we looked at abundance from a slightly different perspective?  

When we acknowledge universal abundance as a reality that we are already a part of, it’s not so much about manifesting it. Abundance is a part of our natural flow that we can slip into and out of at will.

How is abundance flowing in your life right now? Do you like what you have an abundance of? How do you acknowledge the beautiful flow that is already occurring? How often do you take a moment to recognize the flow and interact with it?

While financial prosperity is an important part of abundance, the energy is everywhere and in everything. Let’s take a look at how we slip into that airstream flow and tap into the abundance on a daily basis. 

There are a lot of ways to recognize the flow of abundance:

  • Receiving something unexpected that’s good from a phone call from an old friend to finding a quarter on the street. Too small? Not if you celebrate it!
  • Did a friend just clean out a closet or house and you are the beneficiary of some of their treasures? That’s the flow!
  • Reaching out and letting your world know that you want more support emotionally, physically, or financially – that’s tapping into the flow.
  • Offering your services, from a helping hand to an old blanket you don’t need, to someone who does need it.
  • Getting a job offer or project that’s not quite what you want – that’s still evidence that you’re in the flow.
  • Taking in the abundance of the season from richly scented spring flowers to bright fall leaves.
  • Finding the perfect place to live where you feel safe and at peace.

The best way to step into the flow of positive abundance is to acknowledge what’s already flowing into your life with gratitude. What we focus on is what we bring abundantly into our lives. If you are thinking about what you lack in abundance, for example, you are likely to get even more of it. This practice will help you tap into an ever-greater flow of positively- directed abundance. Plus, as you can tell from the ideas above, the trick to the flow is to both give and take. The energy exchange in no way needs to be equal, but it does need to exist.

I invite you to flow with me now into the steady current of conscious abundance by happily recognizing what positive does exist in your life, and sharing what you can do or have with others. Creating that momentum of awareness and openness to ever more good, is your ride to the unending flow of abundance.