How to Pivot with Grace and Balance

These days I hear from so many people, “This is not what I thought my life would look like!”, myself included. The challenges and opportunities seem to be increasing from all directions. And even though it’s true that “change is inevitable”, it can still be unsettling to find your life path consistently rerouting.

Your personal reroute may consist of potentially fun new opportunities or dealing with unforeseen financial or family health issues. Either way, the key to gracefully handling the reroute is learning to pivot and rise to the occasion in a way that maintains your inner and outer balance while honoring your true self. Here are some ideas to help you navigate where your life’s GPS is sending you now.

Pivoting to meet new directions starts from the inside. When you look inside, does the reroute feel exciting, scary, sad, overwhelming? It’s important to acknowledge these initial reactions. And it’s just as important to go past that point to find what you need to do to stay balanced in the situation. Is it more time for yourself to process? Is it more information? Is it seeking out the full scope of options available?

As you look at the kaleidoscope of change, give yourself a lot of grace. Take a breath or 20. Gently explore how you feel about all the different ways a reroute can be handled until you find the one that best resonates with you. Pivot yourself internally to harmonize with that and with the greatest good for all concerned. Know that what you need will show up in the right time and place.

Once you have shifted and are ready to act from a balanced position, start to work on how the reroute shows up on the outside. Decide how much you are willing to take on personally. What resources are there to tap into that best support your new direction – and don’t hesitate to reach out for help! Being open to other’s help and support is not only a gift to yourself, but also to those who want to help. It is only when we truly learn to receive that we can truly give – that’s a balanced position that shows up internally and externally.

There is no single “right” way to handle life’s reroutes. There is a best way for you though. By learning to pivot from the inside and outside towards your truth you will find the balanced position and grace to handle any situation. Be grateful for all the options you do have, accept help that’s offered, and you’ll be surprised at the doors that open to ease your reroute transition!