Let Summer Come Alive in You

Summer is a special time of year when we pursue playful activities and use the long days to create new memories that last a lifetime. The lure of and call to summer’s joy we feel even more so this year as we emerge from pandemic hibernation and come together again. Did you realize however, that summer is also good for your physical and mental health?

Enjoying simple outdoor pleasures has an almost magical effect on your body and mood. Feeling the gentle breeze as you bask in the sun actually works to lift depression, increase heart health and bolster your immune system. Just being in the sun strengthens our muscles and bones as we load our bodies with vitamin D which also helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and helps us fight disease. Our tendency to be more active in the summer, traveling, playing sports or even just setting up and relaxing at your favorite fishing spot, eases stress and re-trains your body to relax – creating muscle and mental memory that has a lasting positive effect.

And oh, the fruit! Summertime abounds with luscious, colorful fruits that are packed with antioxidants and fiber – all with the benefit of low calories! It just wouldn’t be summer without juicy watermelon, beautiful blackberries, brightly colored raspberries, scrumptious cherries; the list goes on and on. Because summer is so abundant with these bountiful earth blessings we tend to eat more, getting loads of nutrition and even water to help us keep hydrated on those hot days.

Summer is also the perfect time for lazing around the pool or relaxing in the shade of a luxuriant tree. While our bodies are relaxing, we often choose to relax our minds at the same time with a good “summer read” book, games of all kinds and word puzzles like those created by Yoga for the Brain. In addition to helping support cognitive flexibility and mental acuity, Yoga for the Brain books are unique in that they are each created around an uplifting message that refresh your mind, just as the sun on your uncovered arms and legs restores your body.

So answer the call of summer. Take this short, precious time of year, and your life, to create some wonderful new memories. Whether you’re floating in water, taking a bike ride or enjoying a barbeque with friends and family, get outside! Re-create and re-fresh, the season is calling to you!