Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying, “Let’s Party!”

Robin Williams


It’s here! The spring equinox has arrived and there’s just no holding back the budding flowers, the birds chirping and the spring in the air. So go for it and let the season put a spring in your step and spirit!

In fact, astrologically speaking, today the 20th is the actual equinox. The sun goes into Aries sending the message to just go for it! And on Monday the 21st, Mercury conjuncts with Jupiter which means it’s time to go big! This energy lasts a while so tap into it and start your spring uplift.

You could start by playing the old balance an egg on one end game. While it’s unproven, it is an equinox tradition made popular by a 1945 article in LIFE Magazine about the supposed ancient Chinese tradition of egg standing. By the way, in China spring is associated with green, the sound of shouting, the wood element, the climate of wind, things sprouting, your eyes, liver, anger, patience and altruism, and a green dragon.

The word equinox itself comes from the Latin aeguss (equal) and nox (night). At the equinox night and days hour are as close to identical in length as possible. The fact is however, they are not exactly equal but very close. It’s also a time that is important enough to have been tracked by ancient cultures around the world with monuments that marked the sun’s passage from Romans to Stonehenge to, Cambodia and even the Mayans.

Since spring is a time of rebirth, planting seeds both physically and metaphorically is another great way to embrace the season. What are your desires? With the energy at this time so strong and positive, taking action to manifest your desires is a great thing to do. You can even lock in your intention and desires is by writing them on a piece of paper and mixing it in the dirt you use to plant a new spring flower or bush. Even a small, potted house plant will do the job! It’s a double spring goodness!

One sure way to tap into a spring brain uplift is to do what we call “the Power of Positive Play” with motivational word puzzle books. Each one has a motivational story from people young and old around the world and ends in with an uplifting affirmation. Playing them helps keep your brain younger and can lift your spirits. You can find them here or for your free sample go to the home page of YogaForTheBrain.com, scroll down to the bottom, complete the form and your puzzle will be sent to you.

May all the blessings, joy and beauty of spring be yours!