Each and every one of us is connected to and through our beautiful mother Earth. These days as the Earth’s heartbeat and energy flow shifts, we too can shift our hearts and spirits to support the Earth with the joy that heals us and our planet. It’s simple; we love the Earth, and the Earth loves us back, all of us! It’s in our hands, and best of all it’s fun!

On this beautiful spring Earth Day 2022, join the play and rejuvenation that benefits us all with these 5 fun things to do:

  1. Take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the grass or dirt! Remember being a kid? Let that feeling out and play! And if it’s still too cold in your area to run around without shoes outside, go up and hug a tree or collect leaves and make a collage to bring the Earth inside!
  2. Acknowledge and thank the Earth every day for its bounty and blessings. Take a moment to go within and connect with the Earth’s vibration and radiate your gratitude. Remember, everything is energy and that positive energy you send the Earth is powerful.
  3. Consider getting a hummingbird feeder. Not only is it a joy to watch the beautiful birds flock around and enjoy the feast, but it’s a great way to support these all-important plant pollinators and keep our ecosystem going strong!
  4. Plant something! Trees are wonderful, but even something simple like a spring flower or plant is a great way to send love to the Earth. Consider planting something that supports those like bees who are super pollinators. They love colorful flowers such as alyssum, cleome, zinnias, sunflowers, salvia, calendula, and verbena.
  5. Save your vegetable scraps and turn them into vegetable broth. It will be better than any store-bought vegetable broth and it helps make sure food doesn’t go to waste. Just throw everything into a pot of water including onion peels, the ends chopped of carrots, things that might be just a bit wilted to eat but not bad enough to throw out and whatever else you have. Let it boil, seasoning to taste and when it’s done strain out the vegetable husks. Yum!

You can’t have healthy people in an unhealthy world. So start spreading the love to each other through our love for our mother Earth on this 52 year of Earth Day!