Nothing says summer like soaking up the sun with a good read to relax with. And now we are delighted to be able to offer you the perfect summer read with our new book: The Ultimate Brain Health Word Search Book for Adults.

Now before you start thinking, “Oh I don’t want to work that hard with a summer read,” this large print word puzzle book is even more relaxing than a novel! It keeps your mind engaged just enough to create that worry free inner peace place for yourself, all while strengthening your memory and keeping your mind sharp. Plus, it’s fun! We call it the power of positive play – the harmony between relaxation and increased brain flexibility and sharpness.

Did you know that using ours brains creatively, especially as we age, has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other diseases that strike terror into our hearts and minds.  Furthermore your brain constantly rewires itself to become an organ that is physically different from what it was in the preceding moment. In fact, current science recognizes the brain to be superbly supple and forms new neural connections throughout life. The phenomenon is called neuroplasticity and provides us with an ever-evolving brain. And it’s up to you how to keep your brain evolving and active!

That’s what makes this new puzzle book so fun! The themes and word lists may make you curious about a new topic or give you a bit of information about a familiar topic. The Ultimate Brain Health Word Search Book for Adults has everything from simple to more challenging, and when you complete a word puzzle, your brain literally releases the neurotransmitter dopamine – a burst of wellbeing and satisfaction!

So, turn your “me time” into me time that is truly resting and rejuvenating, and get the added benefit of that winning feeling and a sharper mind. Plus, you can take the book whenever you go, and turn waiting and downtime into fun time!

Take a look at what everyone is saying about The Ultimate Brain Health Word Search Book for Adults in Amazon and order your copy today! Enjoy playing!