July is all about summer celebrations from 4th of July to National Ice Cream month – that’s right, and entire month devoted to celebrating Ice Cream! But I bet you didn’t know that July also boasts an international celebration: World Brain Day, this year on Friday July 22nd.  People have become increasingly vulnerable to neurological issues and that’s why nurturing and celebrating your brain has never been more important!

World Brain Day was started in 1957 by neurologists from around the world and it’s dedicated to raising awareness of the importance and preservation of neurons and the central nervous system. As you know, we here at Yoga for the Brain are all about making and keeping brains healthier with the Power of Positive Play so here are just a few ideas to take your brain out for a celebration:

  1. Enjoy some art. Always a de-stressor, art appreciation is uplifting, relaxing and stimulating. Even better, create some art of your own!
  2. Do your own mental Olympics. Take the challenge to read a book, listen to music or learn about something you never thought you might be interested in. You still might not be, but the exercise will make your brain more flexible.
  3. Daydream. Turn off that internal censor and let your mind wander. It’s a great way come up with new ideas or just take your brain out for a playdate!
  4. Feed your brain. We’ve all heard it before but it’s always good to remember that eating seafood or other food rich in omega-3 fatty acids at least once a week helps to protect against age-related thinking problems.
  5. Get moving! Physical activity will trigger the release of mood-altering chemicals and increase your energy and creativity, and so much more!

Another sure-fire way to keep your brain healthy, active and flexible is to play word puzzle books at least 20 minutes a day. You can get your free puzzle sample here or check out all the Yoga for the Brain books on Amazon here.