Let’s face it, August is just fun! Come on, August 25th is Kiss and Make Up Day! The first week of the Month was International Clown week, and the 26th is Women’s Equality Day, when women in the United States finally were granted the right to vote!

But frankly the most wonderful thing about August is that it’s the 8th month of the year and you know what happens when an 8 is on its side: Infinity!!!

And the infinite possibilities that lie in front, behind and inside of all of us! We all have that infinite magic inside ourselves and when you feel yourself running low or hemmed in by obstacles, open yourself up to the infinite inside and start by trying these few simple things:

  • Daydream. Seriously. How long has it been since you laid back on the grass, or even just your own bed, and reached down into your infinite imagination to dream about fun things, silly things, riding a unicorn, catching a star, the accolades the prima ballerina receives. Let your mind go free and who knows what will manifest?
  • Tap into your infinite gratitude. Oh, sure things aren’t always roses and chocolates, but no matter how seemingly small, we all have something to be grateful for, and tricky part is that once we start thinking about things to be grateful for, it can turn into this infinite, endless adventure. Try thinking of just two things to be grateful for and see if more just don’t start automatically popping up. Infinite gratitude is also the high road to infinite peace.
  • Take time to enjoy the infinite majesty of nature. Don’t just go for a walk or wriggle your toes in the grass – although there’s nothing wrong with that! But, immerse yourself in nature and stare at a tree or a flower or a bird or whatever makes you happy. Eventually you will find yourself in harmony with the infinite wonder of nature – and your part in it!

Where do your infinite imagination and spirit want to take you now? And don’t forget to mix in your self love and keep your brain sharp and flexible with the infinite Power of Positive Play, Yoga for the Brain Word Puzzles!